Respirator Clearance

We provide physician supervised respirator clearance examinations in accordance
with the new standard, which became effective 8 April, 1998. 
The most significant factor in determining safe use of a respirator
is the status of the cardiorespiratory system.
Since wearing a respirator increases the work of the heart and lungs,
the medical history, and possibly an evaluation of vital signs, physical examination
and pulmonary function testing provides the physician
with the data necessary to ensure safe respirator use.

Respirator clearance can be performed by a physician, a nurse practitioner
or a physician's assistant,subject to the laws of your state.
An extensive medical history is reviewed, and depending upon the information,
the physician or licensed health care professional (PLHP)
may certify respirator medical clearance on the medical history,
or require that a clinical examination is indicated prior to certifying a level of use.

The opinion of the PLHP is supplied to the employer and to the employee.

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