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Medical Review Officer Services

We provide full MRO services, with prompt reportage, generally the next day for negative tests.
Our doctor is nationally certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers,
and has been providing MRO services since 1990 to more than 200 companies.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) service is a federal requirement for all DOT and NRC regulated drug testing programs,
and is strongly recommended for all non-DOT test results by every authority in the industry.
The MRO contacts either face-to-face or by telephone every donor who has a positive drug test result,
in order to rule out all legitimate medical explanations for the presence of drugs in their tests.
MRO services provide your company with extra protection from legal liability.

We report results to your designated company representative by secure FAX, telephone,
and with a printed hard copy immediately after MRO review.
If you wish to call our office for further information, we will supply you with a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
so that you be assured that only designated representatives will have access to confidential information.

We also aid your employees in accessing drug and alcohol treatment programs, if they so desire.
Of course, we participate in after care management.


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