Medical Case Management

Two thirds of the workman's compensation health care dollar goes to paying time loss, the cost of a replacement worker, or disability. With early oversight and appropriate intervention when required, workman's compensation costs can be dramatically reduced. We achieve cost reduction through early communication with the employee, the company and the treating physician.

We offer you our "Doctor On Call" service, which provides initial physician case management from the moment of discovery! When an employee becomes ill/injured, your representative notifies HealthOption with the name and title of contact, date and time of injury, name of worker, job title, treatment facility and phone number and estimated time of arrival. Our physician will contact the treatment facility, identify himself as your Company physician representative, and ask the treating doctor to call back after evaluation, and before medication and before discussion of treatment with patient. This allows doctor-to-doctor communication to facilitate optimal patient treatment, and to ensure on-going care to be managed by the best providers in your area. Health Options physician will report to your Company representative the severity of the injury/illness, anticipated return to limited/full duty, identify needs for prevention, and will fax documentation to you. The value is to enhance communication between your Company and the treatment facility, and to avoid unecessary recordables.

We realize the critical importance of keeping you updated in real time as to the progress of your employee's recovery. For example, in our Clinic, we FAX a current update as to the work status and treatment plan the same day an employee is seen.

We believe that quality health care and expeditious return to the workplace benefits the employee and the employer. To achieve these goals, we monitor our health care providers so as to identify the most effective provider. We also follow up in terms of outcomes analysis even after a claim is administratively closed.


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