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Hearing Conservation Program

Health-Option can aid you in providing an effective Hearing Conservation Program for your Company. Under CFR 1910.95, you have an obligation to administer a continuing, effective hearing conservation program whenever employee noise exposures equal or exceed an 8-hour time-weighted average sound level (TWA) of 85 decibels measured on the A scale (slow response) or equivently, a dose of 50%.

The components of a hearing conservation program include:
Assessment of the potential noise exposure in the workplace,
Appropriate controls (administrative, engineering and/or personal hearing protection devices),
Hearing testing,
Yearly employee education,
Referral of employees for speciality care, if indicated.

HealthOption can assist you with noise surveys, audiometric testing interpretation of results, annual education, reportage,
and as-needed referral.
We are available for on-site testing. Here is what we provide:
1) Through our national network of occupational health clinics, we can facilitate audometric testing at a site closest to your units.
2) We provide a standardized audometric history and testing form. After the hearing test is completed, the form is faxed back to HealthOption for review by our occupational health physician.
3) The Company receives a master list of audiograms obtained, which identifies any employees who have incurred a standard threshold shift (as defined by O.S.H.A.). The audiogram results are categorized; ranging from normal hearing, mild loss, significant loss, and profound hearing deficit.
4) An individual report is prepared for each employee tested, which depicts his/her current audiogram, plus a paragraph or two discussing the implications of the testing result. O.S.H.A. mandates that emloyees be notified of the results of their audiogram within 21 days of testing.
5) A 15 minute video is available for annual instruction of the employee which describes the use of appropriate hearing protective devices, the testing process, the pathology of noise-induced hearing loss, and suggestions for personal hearing protection. We charge $18.00 per audiogram for review, processing and reportage. Nationally, the cost for obtaining an audiogram ranges from $8.00 to $20.00, with an average of $12.00 per test, depending upon the location of the testing facility. Please allow 2 weeks for scheduling.


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