Breath Alcohol Testing

All of our clinical employees are B.A.T. certified.
We are available 24 hours each day for post-accident or for reasonable suspicion testing.
We utilize the PBA 3000 devices. This is an evidential quality instrument.
First, a screening breath alcohol test is performed. If the breath alcohol test is greater than 0.02, a second,
confirmation test is performed, after a 15 minute waiting period (to clear any mouth alcohol which may be present).
Your Company representative is immediately notified of the results.

Under D.O.T. rules, a driver with a breath alcohol level of between 0.02 and 0.039
is to be removed from any safety-sensitive function for 24 hours,
and must have a breath alcohol test of less than 0.02 before returning to a safety-sensitive position.
A driver with a breath alcohol test of 0.04 or greater may not be returned to a safety-sensitive position
until he/she has been evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional and declared to be "fit for duty".

We also provide Q.E.D. screening for non-DOT clients.
This is an alcohol saliva test, which is a screening test for alcohol levels.
We recommend that any positive saliva alcohol test be confirmed with an evidential quality breath alcohol test.


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